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Glennville-09 Zero Zero

Glennville 9: Zero Zero Far below the small city of Glennville New York, Richard Pierce sat working before an elaborate computer terminal. Two more days tops, he thought, and then maybe I’ll get out of this dump. #Armaggedon #Apocalyptic #Horror https://books.apple.com/us/book/zero-zero/id6442821000 Home: https://www.dellsweet.com

Open Directories – unprotected directories: Free

Open Directories – Places on the internet to find unprotected directories: Proceed at your own risk on these sites. Open directories are places on the internet with directories that are unprotected. Normally when you create a new directory on your server you add and index.html or index.htm to it so that a search engine will […]

America the Dead – Dell Sweet on KOBO books

Earth’s Survivors America The Dead: Begins The End by  Dell Sweet series Earth’s Survivors: America the Dead #1 When a catastrophic natural disaster looms on the near horizon, the government releases an airborne virus designed to make the human race tougher, better able to survive. It was developed for soldiers to make them better able to […]

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