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A look at the Outrunners – Dell Sweet

Another week bites the dust. I am finally really doing the last read through of the last Outrunners Book. It is the next in-line for editing, somewhere towards the end of this month, first part of next month. I spent the extra time on another slow read through because it does produce a better quality […]

A little Humor for you – Dell Sweet

Plastic Wrap, Dishwashers and other irritants… Plastic wrap is one of those inventions that didn’t quite make it all the way to where it claims to have made it. Yes, on the TV you will see overpaid, starved models whip that stuff off the roll and cover just about anything: A bowl of leftovers, a […]

DREAMERS – Author Dell Sweet

Fantasy scifi from author Dell Sweet. Dreamers: The black consumed everything. Sound… Light… Color… Thought… Air… Life… Feelings and pain and sometimes when it happened I wished it would just go on forever. On and On… Nothing else ever. Just blackness… Forever… Rest. Sleep. Real sleep… Peace of mind… Real… DREAMER The physical me struggled […]


Based on the series by W. G. Sweet Episode 4 PUBLISHED BY independAntwriters Publishing AMERICA the DEAD: BOOK ONE Copyright © 2019 by independAntwriters All Rights Reserved Writers: W.W. Watson, Geo Dell, W.G. Sweet, G.D. Smitty This book, in this blog format, is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. If you would like to share […]

Dell Sweet

Web content, from serial story presentations to weekly blogs. I can create it. Standard content for your site starts at just $40.00 a month. eMail me with your needs and I will customize something for you. Dell Sweet Authordellsweet@gmail.com #WebContent #blog #SerialStories I am also a ghostwriter: https://es.dellsweet.com/2022/03/04/ghostwriters-buy-your-own-manuscript-right-now/ Check my books out and see what I can do: […]

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