Earth’s Survivors America The Dead: Los Angeles no. 2, Earth’s Survivors America The Dead – America The Dead, no. 2 Dell Sweet

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An apocalypse of epic proportions has shaken the Earth to it’s core. More than 90 percent of the human population has been wiped from the face of the earth. Those that have survived are struggling against all odds to stay alive. Around them the dead lay where they have fallen, but when catastrophe loomed inevitable the government released an airborne virus designed to make the human race tougher, better able to survive. Now in the bodies of the dead the virus designed to save the human race has mutated, continued to work, and the dead are beginning to rise.
In the bigger cities the dead are growing quickly in numbers. Growing intelligent as they continue to change and mutate. They have one thought in their rotting brains, take over the world, and destroy those that live in the process.
The problems our survivors face now are not the dead, but those that have also survived. In their own struggles to survive, gather food supplies and water they do not notice the second apocalypse beginning to build all around them. The Apocalypse of the Undead. With water, food and shelter in short demand they must concern themselves with surviving the balance of winter, stopping other bands of survivors from enslaving them, and in the coming spring try to escape into what had been the south lands to find a place where they can begin to rebuild their society. But strong men have seized control of Los Angeles and intend to take control of our group of survivors too. Enslave them and force them into servitude. If escape is possible, it may be a narrow escape.

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