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America The Dead Survivor Stories W. G. Sweet

Bob and Jan Dove are also with us. I don’t know what I would do without Jan. She is level headed where I am impulsive, a thinker; where I tend to just act. A good balance. Bob has an idea of rebuilding his peoples’ lands. He’s Native American, and so is Jan. It sounded crazy […]

America The Dead 2 – Dell Sweet

March 14th Rochester NY: Joel and Haley Morning. He was still holding her when he awoke the next morning. Haley awoke a few minutes after he did. She kissed him softly, and said, “Thank you for not being like every other man I’ve met in my life. I could love you, Joel, you know that?” […]

America The Dead Survivor Stories Two

John watched as Bear helped the girls move their sleeping bags and back packs over to a clear space on the factory floor. He didn’t see what Madison saw in Cammy, but it was her choice, and she wouldn’t get a second chance with him. He came close to slamming his fist into the cement […]

The Zombie Plagues: Zombie Fall-Geo Dell

The Zombie Plagues: Zombie Fall: The attack came fast when it came. Mike only remembered the details after the fact. Molly had, had the right side, Tim the left, Mike had taken a lead of fifty feet or so right up through the middle of the tall grass.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07X7CSB7Z The Zombie Plagues: Zombie Fall: The […]

The Zombie Plagues: Wilderness

The Zombie Plagues: Wilderness: “They won’t come. In the city they knew how to get around… Out here,” Patty waved her arms around, finally lifting them to the sky. “They wouldn’t know what to do. Couldn’t sneak up on us.” She shook her head. The Zombie Plagues: Wilderness: They filled their tanks two hours after […]

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