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SciFi – Dell Sweet

I rarely post these links. This is a set of two SciFi books-series that I wrote a few years ago. Not known as a SciFi writer, so I have not really put them out there. Check them out. Let me know what you think, W. G. … Rocket: Book one. Michael Watson is the captain […]

Some of my favorite writing projects – Dell Sweet

Classic Posts: Dell Sweet Posted 07-07-13 I decided to write about what I have written. It might surprise you to know what I have written and published, and what I have written that remains unpublished at this time and may always remain unpublished… Outrunners: I would love to start out by saying I am done […]

Star Dancer Episode 01 – Geo Dell Science Fiction

Sundays with Geo – Star Dancer E01 Listen to “Star Dancer E01”. ⚓ Star Dancer is a cargo carrier making scheduled runs through our solar system. Mars, moon base 1 and other established colonies. Check out the book: #StarTravel #SCIFI #SpaceSettlement

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