My next big RAD Sandbox project – Dell Sweet

I do now have the tracks stripped out. Scenery – Houses – etc. All of the graphics, and three of the eight track graphics converted to PNG to preserve the transparency (The old format was TGA)

I guess I did get a fourth one done. It was late and I was tired. Once I have the other four done I will begin to put the individual roadways together… Dell

RAD Sandbox 3D Game Maker from Dell Sweet

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Rad Sandbox:




Open FX: Open FX Modeler

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VAN PUP – 3D model – OFX – Dell Sweet


via Twitter: @YouTube A render of a Van Pickup. This is a throwback to the Ford, Dodge and Chevy pickup vans in the sixties. I owned one for awhile, so I thought maybe I should recreate that. #3DModels #3DGameCreation #OpenFX #RadSandbox


Finished the VW model in Direct X Dell

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