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Sundays with Geo: The Last Ride

The Last Ride Sundays with Geo I will read short stories, a few of my books and also some of my own music. New posts on Sunday mornings every week. I look forward to meeting you and your requests/opinions. Geo. Apr 27 • 12:08 This is a true story from my days driving taxi in a New […]

Alabama Island (The Nation Chronicles) Part 1 Episode 61 

Listen to “Alabama Island (The Nation Chronicles) Part 1 Episode 61 The second leg of the Nation Series in a Podcast format on Anchor. This is Alabama Island. #Podcast #Horror #TheNation Set in the fictional town of Glennville NY… #Survival #Preppers Home: Get the Book: Alabama Smashwords: Apple: Nook: Kobo: […]

Star Dancer Episode 01 – Geo Dell Science Fiction

Sundays with Geo – Star Dancer E01 Listen to “Star Dancer E01”. ⚓ Star Dancer is a cargo carrier making scheduled runs through our solar system. Mars, moon base 1 and other established colonies. Check out the book: #StarTravel #SCIFI #SpaceSettlement

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