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Gaming on the cheap

So it is Sunday and I thought I would share yesterdays project. I used to do a lot of selling on eBay before all the changes killed off many of us who had been around for a while, or forced us into a position where we had to pay too much for the privilege of […]

Working on this new model – Wastelands 9

I have been working on this model for the last week or so. I built it in pieces and then began to take it apart to get the look I wanted… I’ll be finishing this up in the next few days and adding back a download site for models and software within the next few […]

The latest Wastelands vehicle build

The latest Wastelands vehicle build from Dell Sweet This is a junk yard build for the wastelands series. This is part scrapped car and part tube chassis. This model is in the Direct X format and is available for immediate download after payment. It can be used in any project personal or commercial. $99.00 Get […]

VW model – Direct X 3D game Model

Wastelands #6 $59.00 A hardcore wastelands model duo. The new and the old bugs. Dragged from the junkyards, full of the old gasoline vehicles and converted to run on methane or propane and then used to make trips across the wastelands delivering supplies and fighters. Home:

VAN PUP – 3D model – OFX – Dell Sweet

VAN PUP via Twitter: @YouTube A render of a Van Pickup. This is a throwback to the Ford, Dodge and Chevy pickup vans in the sixties. I owned one for awhile, so I thought maybe I should recreate that. #3DModels #3DGameCreation #OpenFX #RadSandbox Home:

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