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Sunday Evening – Author Dell Sweet

Posted by Dell Happy Sunday evening. I thought I would share a short story with you from one of the True Collections. The Short Story Is in TRUE: TRUE STORIES FROM A SMALL TOWN #1  along with five others. This is a true story. It happened the way I wrote it one night back in the […]

Coffee and computers

Posted 11-01-2019 This past week I left all the work there still is to do on this house and kicked back and worked on video games. Sometimes I need a head break to just let stuff go. I had a blast. Learned a lot more about the system I use and made progress on a game […]

Free Kindle Book – Addiction – Non Fiction – Dell Sweet

Addiction Conversations with my fathers: Non Fiction. An honest and straight forward look at addiction, where it took the author, and how he was able to leave drugs and alcohol behind. The mental health unit: Age thirteen, suicide attempt three. I can’t remember when it all changed between my father and me. There was a […]

1962 Chevrolet Impala  – classic cars – Chevy

Features Engine Location : Front Drive Type : Rear Wheel Body / Chassis : Steel unibody Production Years for Series : 1961 – 1964 Price : $2,700-$3,100 Weight : 3500 lbs | 1587.573 kg Power Inline 4 Displacement : 2512 cc | 153.3 cu in. | 2.5 L. Power : 90 BHP (66.24 KW) @ […]

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