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Authors of NetReadz on Kindle eBooks

Amazon W W Watson: Amazon Wendell Sweet: Amazon Geo Dell: Amazon A L Norton: Amazon Dell Sweet: Home:

Hurricane A story on Kindle Vella from Dell Sweet

Hurricane on Kindle Vella Mobile Alabama: Amy Knowles wanted to hang out with her best friend Deidre Blevins. Truth be told, maybe she wanted something deeper than that. But… Home:

The Outrunner books – Dell Sweet – Apple

Posted 06-30-2013 I have been absorbed in the world of Bear, Beth, Billy, Cammy and the other Outrunners. When I write, that is the way it is for me. I jump in and it is as good as a movie for me, in many ways even better. The craft, or art, of writing is like […]

Online Authors a Facebook group for readers and writers

Paul Block @GamesWithNoCode (Instagram) Pass it along, I am also posting there. A group you can freely post your books and books links in, whether you are a reader or a writer. #readersofinstagram #writersofinstagram #horror #romancebooks #drama #Crime all genres welcome #readersoffacebook #authorsoffacebook Home:

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