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Rain in New York – Dell Sweet

Well, Earth’s Survivors America The Dead: The Zombie Plagues is available now. I gave it away over the weekend. Usually that is about 150 books or so for me, but this came to several hundred. I hope those of you who downloaded it enjoyed it. I am currently working on Fig Street and Hurricane. Tomorrow […]

A Good Plan – Taking care of you

A Good Plan. I have a plan. I think I spent a good portion of my life without a plan. Just sort of walking along, not really expecting much at all, at least nothing good. I had a larger view of the world that said, “What happens, happens. It’s pretty much ordained, and so there […]

MXQ PRO Quad Core Android Smart TV Box

Hot MXQ PRO Quad Core Android 7.1 Smart TV Box 1+8GB HDMI WIFI 4K Media Streamer Ordered this on eBay, I wasn’t expecting much at all. It sat on my desktop for over a week because I was sure it would turn out to be like my Amazon Firestick; cranky, sucky and I couldn’t get […]

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