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Guitar build CD60-2 -Guitar Works – Geo Dell

The beauty of a guitar like this is that you can usually pick it up for a fraction of the retail price, repair it and have less in the finished guitar than if you had purchased a lesser guitar. And most often it will be a much better guitar because you will have not only […]

Guitar build CD60-4 _ Dell Sweet – Geo Dell Guitar Builds

SURFACE PREPARATION The body needs to be sanded to remove imperfections and break the gloss of the previous finish so that the new finish will adhere correctly. I start with an orbital sander to scuff the finish and break the gloss, and then finish with a hand sanding in graduating grits: 120 to get the […]

The Guitar Works Big Book Kindle Edition

The Guitar Works Big Book Kindle Edition Fully photographed, hundreds of images, diagrams and over 60.000 words of text. This will cover many techniques start to finish, four complete builds and two smaller beginner builds. #Luthier #custom #guitars Get it: Home:

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