Category: God and the Devil

Glennville 5 6 & 7- Genesis Earth Trilogy

Glennville #5 Genesis Earth: Armageddon. Sparse light from the hallway fell through the doorway: Suddenly, a silver flash swept from the darkness. His mind did not immediately register what it was …WHAT? His mind cried out… #Rapture #SciFi #Horror Glennville #6 Genesis Earth: Gods and Devils is the second book in a trilogy of […]

Glennville book series on Kobo – Dell & W G Sweet

Glennville book series on Kobo by Dell Sweet and W G Sweet Fig Street W. G. Sweet Book1 Under the city of Glennville a series of caves cut from the limestone by the Black River attract visitors, children, some have entered and never come out; maybe lost, maybe part of Glennville’s secrets… #Horror #Crime #WGSweet […]

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