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Earth’s Survivors America The Dead book Series

Earth’s Survivors America The Dead: Begins The End A catastrophic natural disaster looms and the government releases a virus designed to make the human race better able to survive. #apocalyptic #Horror https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/475763 Earth’s Survivors America The Dead: Los Angeles by Dell Sweet In the bigger cities the dead are growing quickly in numbers. Growing intelligent […]

Online Authors

This is for any on-line Author – Writer – Editor – Book Lovers – Readers I will be posting my books here and I encourage you to post yours. Online Authors Public group  ยท 69 members https://www.facebook.com/groups/1637106456639197 Home: https://www.dellsweet.com

Some of my favorite writing projects – Dell Sweet

Classic Posts: Dell Sweet Posted 07-07-13 I decided to write about what I have written. It might surprise you to know what I have written and published, and what I have written that remains unpublished at this time and may always remain unpublished… Outrunners: I would love to start out by saying I am done […]

Best Selling Earth’s Survivors books

EARTH’S SURVIVORS #iTunes Home In The Valley: I-Tunes Building the first and most important settlement, eBook… https://goo.gl/vrDp4S Earth’s Survivors Se 4: The story of Candace and Mike Earth’s Survivors Collected Books The most popular group from the website writings were Candace and Mike. They are from the northern New York town of Watertown close to […]

Zombie series from W G Sweet

I have been absorbed in the world of Bear, Beth, Billy, Cammy and the other Zombie characters. When I write, that is the way it is for me. I jump in and it is as good as a movie for me, in many ways even better. The craft, or art, of writing is like that […]

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