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The second leg of the Nation Series in a Podcast format on Anchor. This is Alabama Island. #Podcast #Horror #TheNation Set in the fictional town of Glennville NY… #Survival #Preppers


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Youtube – Channels I watch – Dell Sweet


I have my own YouTube channel, but aside from some modeling builds, book videos and some of my own music there isn’t much there.

It seems to me a few years ago I looked at YouTube, and although it was great for a few minutes of distraction it didn’t really appeal to me that much. Then my writer friend recommended it as a place to find all kinds of content, do-it-yourself videos, off-grid, boat sailing, and marble collectors: Really anything you want. Do you like bald headed three legged dogs? I haven’t searched but I am sure they are there.

Still, I went, used nearly no imagination because I truly didn’t believe I would find much and so I didn’t.

Then I purchased an MXQ Pro Quad Android Box. 8 gig Android 7.1. I still have that. I purchased it to replace my old Roku.

Totally different than Roku, but the YouTube app fascinated me; it came preloaded with some channels and within just a few days I was a YouTube junky.

I had a few subscriptions prior to that for car shows, alternative building shows, etc., but after watching a few shows on off-grid living, alternative living, shipping container home building, evolution, Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal history: Yes, I was red eyed and binge watching and wondering how the hell I was going to fit sleep in there. Hooked, yes, I was hooked.

The MXQ Android box was okay, but it wasn’t Roku, so I bought another Roku, installed it, went to YouTube and searched for all the stuff I like and began subscribing. I think I have about 39 subscriptions now.

I have Spectrum Cable that I never watch, I think that is 200 channels. It actually costs more to get just the Hi Speed WiFi (10 x 10) than it does to get the Hi Speed WiFi with the basic 200 channels and mobile phone plan all bundled together. So the channels are there and in the evening I go over to my mother’s side of the house and watch a few hours of cable with her.

I work on my side and normally binge watch/listen to NetFlix or my Plex server content. Music, TV shows, Documentaries. I can hear it, work on editing or modeling or scripting and the days pass and I couldn’t care less about cable. Then I got the Roku YouTube app and added 39 subscriptions and I couldn’t care less about anything except my YouTube Subscriptions. Still, as I said the Wifi, and the Mobile phone plan, and my mother’s peace of mind are worth having Spectrum.

So I noticed on the second day I wasn’t getting much of anything done because I was too worried about Nike (Nicky or even Niko to some) and whether she would get Carl (Her sailing boat) working. You can find Nike’s adventures with Carl, Joanna and Maria at White Spot Pirates:

There is a six year diary of sorts there and she updates regularly. Awesome woman, great sense of humor and since I love the idea of sailing, doubly awesome, and I learned enough watching up to date that I’m pretty sure that if society comes to an end like my books I can locate a sailboat, live on the ocean and be good. Ha ha, maybe, after watching what Nike went through I’m not so sure. It isn’t easy but I would have the knowledge.

The next channel that got me was My Little Homestead. Parents, children, moved the kids from the city to the desert and began living closer to the land. They build-out the whole home-place and the construction method they choose is Earth-bag. But to say that is all it is about would be an understatement. They build their own little homes, show how to do it, run successful channels besides the main one, make interesting art, materials, even a sustainable water filtration system and fish farm… In the desert. My Little Homestead:

There are videos going back ten years, and compilation videos showing construction start to finish. They update regularly too.

Another I have enjoyed watching is Life Uncontained. Life Uncontained chronicles a couple and their dog Bear as they build a home out of shipping containers in the Texas outback somewhere. With cows, bulls, donkeys and Lady bugs. I watched a few others in a similar vein that seemed to be really just playing for hits, these two may want the followers but they provide reality for it not manufactured life.

There are a years’ worth of videos and they are in depth, great learning tools and they are both likable people. Looks ideal and I love it.

Like cars and trucks with patina? The father and son team that run the Channel Turnin’ Rust are awesome. I write books, but before I became an author I was an auto body man, I even had my own shop for a several years. I rebuilt many of my own cool cars. The two of them go out and find wrecks, rusted relics and have the mechanical and fabrication skills to bring them back to life, they post regularly, and it is always interesting stuff.

They have a years’ worth of video and some really awesome projects.

The next thing I got hung up on was This Farm Wife – Meredith Bernard. As a kid I helped the next door neighbor, who worked on a farm, all summer long a few summers in a row. I was nine, ten, and it was awesome work, and it gave my family free eggs, milk etc. It gave me an appreciation of hard work and this channel shows that same thing. Think it’s easy to run a farm, kids, family, crawl under the farm equipment and help the husband fix it when it breaks down? It isn’t of course, but this is as close as most of us are ever going to come to it. Cows, dogs, kids, husband and her life on the farm trying to keep it all balanced.

About a year of videos and she updates regularly.

Rat Rod Bob. What can I say about this channel except this man has serious talent and fabrication skills. He builds Rat Rods out of parts. Fabricates his own frames and parts, exhausts, builds his own engines, has his own mechanical talking sidekick. This is a guy who has the knowledge to build a car from the ground up and does, and you can watch the videos and learn.

Videos back six years, and I have yet to see one that wasn’t worth seeing.

My latest one is Wonder Hussy Adventures Sarah Jane. Yes, I only watch her for the desert destinations and history… Okay, she is also sassy, funny as hell and I watched one video where a guy called her low-brow entertainment, or entertainment for low-brow people. Something like that, and that decided me. If someone is so threatened by you they have become a hater then you are definitely good enough for me.

She investigates Ghost Towns, Lost Mines and other places in the desert with her friend Larry, most of the time, but sometimes her sister and or her girlfriend. Awesome. I love it.

8 years of videos and she updates often and you truly never know where she’ll be next.

Music. Music used to be the only reason I went to YouTube. I know there are people who still think MTV is great, but I’m not one of them. It used to be great when It didn’t have an agenda, but that is neither here nor there because we all see life differently, but if you like the way it used to be, never fear it is still that way on YouTube.

Want to see a video of Ironic by Alanis Morissette?

Johhny Cash Hurt?

Mazzy Star Fade into You?

Semisonic Closing Time?

Dido White Flag?

Natalie Merchant Carnival?

Like Creed Arms Wide Open?

RHCP Dani California?

More of an Elvis Man?

Black Sabbath N.I.B?

Metallica Nothing else matters?

Mazzy Star is a band I had never heard of. I write my own music and songs, play guitar, build my own guitars in fact, and for the longest time I was stuck in a rut only listening to certain bands and music, and only playing music derivatives and or covers of those bands.

When I got into YouTube I discovered that YouTube kept track of all the music I listened to and it provided a Playlist of My Music. Ha, I thought, but, to give whatever algorithms they use credit, they did a great job of playing what I liked and then introducing me to music they thought I would like, like Mazzy Star.

So there is my free YouTube plug, like YouTube needs my help. Yet, it is awesome and maybe, like me, you missed it when it got great. I am listening to Collective Soul as I write this. Full of Thanksgiving Day turkey, and, oh yeah, my subscriptions are up to 42. Dell…

Mentioned here:

Roku Express 3900 R: About $35.00 on eBay or Amazon, Walmart.

PRO Quad Core Android 7.1 Smart TV Box 1+8GB HDMI WIFI 4K Media Streamer: About $25.00 eBay

Plex Server: Download free and make your own media server. Add a TV card and record live video too. I opted for the $5.00 a month charge to allow live video and allow me to share my server with whomever, relatives, and friends pretty much anywhere.

This review is my own. No one paid for or offered products for it. I purchase my own products, test them and review them.


Dreamers: The book of Memories Author Dell Sweet

Dreamers: The book of Memories Dell Sweet

Dreamer’s Preview

Posted by Geo, June 22, 2019 12:28:52

This is an excerpt from the Dreamer’s  book, Geo

This is copyright protected property. If you wish to have some one read this please do not copy and redistribute this work; point the reader to this page.

Copyright 2019 Dell Sweet
In The Sunlight:

The Book Of Memories;


I started from the first page of the book of memories. It was not a long book. Not a new book. The leather covers were old, mellow, but it had been taken care of. The pages were yellowed, slightly stiff, but they were not falling apart. A slim book, but I felt that what words it did contain most likely more than made up for the size. I began to read from the first page…

… In the beginning there was only the Creator. There was no Earth Mother. No Grandfather Sun to shine. No Grandmother Moon to light our way in the night. No Animals. No Thunders. No Directions. No legends to tell, because there were no peoples.

The Creator lived with the Star People in the heavens. But The Star People were not talkers, and so the Creator became lonely and wished for someone he could talk with.

One day as he walked among the Star People, he decided that he would create a world where he could go and talk to his creations.

Now all the things that ever were, or ever could be, lived within the Creators words. Within himself. So even though he had never walked on a world of the kind that he had in mind, he knew exactly what he wanted and what it should look like.

As he walked among the Star People thinking it out, he realized he did not want just another world full of rocks and trees, mountains and plains. The stars were full of worlds just like that. Those were worlds that were alive, but they were not the kind of life that the Creator was. What the Creator wanted was companionship. Someone he could visit with. Talk with. Someone like himself.

Now a tree or a rock could be visited, talked to, but what he had in mind was something that would answer back. At that time trees and rocks were not much on talking. There came a time within the legends when the trees and the rocks, when many things we do not think of as talkers, did talk. But that was not at this time.

Many cycles passed by as the Creator decided on what he wanted to do and how he should do it. What it would look like: Where it would live. And what the Creator would talk about with this new creation.

Finally, the day came when the Creator decided to create. He chose the earth as the place to create. At that time the Earth was a small, dead world with no Sun. No Moon.

He formed the Sun from the Star People around him and he set it into the void. He formed Grandmother Moon from a small part of the Earth and set her on her path. They had no life of their own at that time though, they simply reflected the life of the Creator.

The Creator then began to speak the words of life as he stepped from the stars onto the Earth, coming to stand in a summer tall field of wheat.

Next he made the directions and named them. The winds; and he gave individual names to each wind. But there was nothing yet to move the winds. No reason yet to the directions. No purpose yet to the greenery, for the wheat, for the rocks. For the Creator had not yet made purpose.

The Creator then bent and placed his hands upon the Earth and spoke her into life, calling her Mother. The Mother of all that could be.

As he stood from the ground he began to create purpose and assign it to his creations: The winds to move the air. Mother Earth’s breaths to move the winds. The directions so that the winds could find their way over the Earth Mother as they moved.

Mother Earth took her first breath and the tops of the Wheat began to sway as the winds picked up her life giving breath and began to carry it to all the corners of the Earth.

The Creator and Mother Earth spent the next several cycles talking. The Creator was pleased with his creation.

Now the Creator enjoyed Mother Earth’s company, but he also had many friends and favorite places among the Star People. Sometimes he would go for long walks among the Star People. Every time he left Mother Earth would become lonely and long for his companionship.

One day when the Creator returned from a walk among the Star People, Mother Earth spoke about her loneliness. The Creator understood her loneliness. It was the same loneliness that the creator himself had suffered through. So The Creator reached deep inside of himself. Taking a part of himself, the Creator mixed this with the words that lived within him, the words of Power and Life. He sowed this seed into the soil that covers Mother Earth.

“These seeds are the words of life become whole. They are of me,” the Creator told her. “Part of your Creator. They will speak themselves into being in the fullness of time and you will never be lonely again.”

The Creator lifted his hands and spoke Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon into life, causing the Creators own breath to fall upon them; and so they began to move on their own paths of purpose. “They will be for Times and for Seasons,” he said.

Now several cycles passed and the seed that the Creator had planted within the Earth Mother began to grow. The day came when Grandmother moon came down to hold Mother Earth’s hand and comfort her during her birthing of life.

Grandfather Sun spilled his light upon them and spoke quietly with the creator as the Earth Mother cried out in her birthing pains.

The peoples came first. Red, Yellow, Black, White, the Brown man, and all the shades in between. The birth waters gushed forth from her as Mother Earth’s womb opened and all the peoples were born.

The birth waters became oceans, lakes, rivers and streams.

The Clan Totems and Animal Totems came next. Their place was not on the Earth. Their place was among the Star People where they would live with the Creator. But they bought the Earth animals before them and instructed them on what they were to be for, before they themselves ascended into the Heavens.

Mother Earth’s sacred birth waters bought life to all that they touched. The fish swam in them. Brother Eagle came from the waters and ascended to the sky. Brother Wolf walked from the birth waters and made his home in the forests and the mountains with brother black Bear. Each animal found its place and knew its purpose.

Now the people had no spirits living among the stars. They had no ancestors to guide them. They did not come to fully know the Creator or the Mother Earth. They had no leaders. Knew nothing of totems. Spirits. Brotherhood. And they did not seek to learn because there was no one they would listen to that would tell them.

Now after a time the people began to divide themselves according to their colors. Leaders arose, but leaders who ignored the purpose within their souls, so they began to provoke wars among each other. With the other peoples. This was their nature.

Mother Earth became sadder and sadder as the peoples continued to war and fight. Many died, sending more and more of our kind into the spirit worlds, but they were proud. They didn’t understand life or purpose and they would not lift their arms or their voices to the Creator or the Earth Mother to ask for help. In fact as time passed they did not speak to Mother Earth or the Creator at all. They withdrew and became laws and Gods unto themselves.

One day a little boy was born to a great war chief. The chief held him in his arms at the naming and called him ‘He who speaks with those unseen.’ He did this because even with his first words he began to speak to the ancestors and those who had passed into the spirit worlds and now lived among the Star Peoples.

As the boy grew he spoke of the things that the ancestors told him with his people: He told them everything that the ancestors talked to him about.

He warned them about war. Spoke to them about peace and how all people, every one, were made for a purpose, to live a purpose. How part of that purpose was to live together. Even so the way of death and war continued.

But his own peoples believed and they began to worship the Creator. Speak to the Earth Mother. Sending praises up to the Creator and asking Mother Earth for guidance. In return The Creator and Mother Earth taught them about purpose, life, and to respect all living things on the Earth.

As the creator listened to his peoples, he realized that many of them wished to live in peace, even though some of them desired to make war and follow the way of death. With Mother Earth’s help he made places for all of them to have their own territories; and he separated them with oceans and deep lakes to keep them apart.

“We will have to hope that they have learned to live in peace by the time they learn to cross the great waters,” the Creator told the Earth Mother.

Time moved on. ‘He who speaks with those unseen’ grew up to become the leader of his people. They prayed to the Creator and kept his ways. They held Mother Earth in great regard, respected her ways, and the people grew and prospered. There were no wars, no famines, no sickness in his people.

‘He who speaks with those unseen’, finished his time and went to be with the spirit people among the stars. As the generations passed, however, the peoples again forgot the ways of the Mother Earth and the Creator. They learned to cross the great waters. They learned to hate again: To make war again. And Mother Earth called to the Creator to separate them once more, but he refused to do it.

“They will only come to kill each other once again. To Enslave. To make war. They must learn to make their own peace. Learn their lessons as a law. Come back to us as they should: As they once were. They will have to learn what peace means. Respect, until then we can do nothing with them.”

Mother Earth knew that the Creator was right. Even so with his words she wept. Her tears became the rain that we know. Lifted into the air and carried by the cloud people, to bring her gift of life from the heavens to all peoples through her tears.

It is said that they will continue to come as Mother Earth weeps for all the peoples. And they will be a sign for all peoples to remember that war and killing is not the way.

They will be a sign to us that Mother Earth will continue to bring life from death, the peoples cause. Sending her tears to us in hopes that they may heal us. And to show us that her love will always be with us.

I held the place in the book as I closed my eyes and sent a small prayer to the Creator for allowing me to read those words.

Across from me Bear slept. His paws twitching. The fire crackled companionably. I opened the book and began to read once more…

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Open FX: Imports: 3DS, DAE, DFX, STL, OBJ, X, LWO.

Exports: 3DS, DXF, STL, VRML, MFX.

ASSIMP supports are available through the ASSIMP viewer included.

Open FX is what I use for my modelling. The link is an instant download after purchase.

Rad Sandbox: Rad Sandbox is a complete game system. Build, sell or give away the games you build. Click to make: Models, graphics, scenery and even roads. Where else can you get that? No where. #3DGameCreation #RadSandbox

It’s all on Kindle – Zombie Fiction from Dell Sweet

America the Dead Zombie Fiction From W G Sweet

America the Dead Survivors Stories one

5.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating The public had known that there was a meteor on a near collision course with the Earth. The Spin doctors assured the public it was survivable… #Apocalyptic #Zombies

America The Dead Survivor Stories Two. March 1st (Night) Quakes; three. Warmed up fast, all the dirty snow piled along the streets has melted. Torrential rains. Thunder and lightening in the snow storm that came after sunset. #Zombies #Apocalyptic

America The Dead Survivor Stories Three Kindle Edition The hunger was all consuming. The impulse to feed was the only coherent thought she had. It was all she could do not to find the smell that tempted her and consume it… #Zombies #Apocalyptic

America the Dead Survivor Stories Four

5.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating Donita walked down Eighth Avenue towards Columbus Circle. Behind her a silent army of the dead followed, numbering in the thousands… #Zombies #Apocalyptic

America the Dead Survivor Stories Five. The city is a refuge… Until they try to leave it…

The trucks stopped; for several minutes there was absolute silence. Just as the sun began to sink, the first shots came. The battle began. #Apocalyptic #Zombie


Rad Sandbox:

Open FX Modeler:

Cheap Antenna build: Dell Sweet – Cut the cable

Cheap Antenna build: Dell Sweet – Cut the cable

Outdoor antenna project:
I purchased an ONN 4K 60 mile (ca. 97 km) range outdoor antenna from Walmart. Normally about $20.00 I got it for $8.00 on sale and free shipping as I had ordered some other things.
I had been looking for a cheap, easy to install antenna as more of my ditching cable effort. I did ditch cable, got Hulu and Netflix and dropped the bill by well over a $150.00 even though they still charge me a stupid rate for Wi-Fi, but one thing at a time.
The problem was local channels. Even though I only live about 15 miles (ca. 24 km) from the city, a small external antenna hooked into my ROKU app could only bring in two of the channels and both were marginal.

So, when I saw an antenna for $8.00 I thought what the hell, it can’t be any worse than the small external one.
I also had an old Dish Network dish or two lying around, so I took a dish, mounted the antenna to it after I assembled it (That took literally 5 minutes) and put it up and aimed it.

Why a dish? The dish acts as a reflector and concentrates or amplifies some signals, especially if you know where they are, and I did (In the city, so I checked Google maps, got the direction from my house to the city and aimed it there.). I found the information about the dish to aim it online.
So, hooking it up was a simple as finding a few bolts in my junk drawer, drilling four holes in the dish to mount the antenna and then clamping the dish to the old mount on the roof and using the cable already there to run it down to the house.
The antenna did come with cable, the mount, screws, the antenna, everything i needed, but I made it easier by using what was left behind from cable and Dish installations.
Once the antenna was installed and hooked to the existing cable, I ran that to a splitter (2 feeds in 1 feed out, all 75 OHM) also already installed on the house for cable splitting to different rooms etc. So I ran in the new antenna on one side, kept the smaller antenna on the other side (Another tip you can find online that can help the signal when you have more than one input).

The Antenna: