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Wastelands 22 3D Model – Dell Sweet

Built from scraps, a Bug body on a Toyota 4X4 frame. Actually built from scale, and so 17 inches of length were chopped tp stuff it together. A Cadillac 500 CI fit between the frame rails. The body was unaltered. A tube cage stiffens the original frame and ties it all together. Run it through […]

Rad Sandbox – Dell Sweet – Game Creation

RAD clipper 06 via @YouTube Showing body changes and getting you used to the way to do it. It is easy to change your models out, and then test it in pre-build mode to test it! #OpenFXModeler #RADSandbox #3DGameCreation Rad Sandbox Home: Home: NetReadz:

VAN PUP – 3D model – OFX – Dell Sweet

VAN PUP via Twitter: @YouTube A render of a Van Pickup. This is a throwback to the Ford, Dodge and Chevy pickup vans in the sixties. I owned one for awhile, so I thought maybe I should recreate that. #3DModels #3DGameCreation #OpenFX #RadSandbox Home:

My next big RAD Sandbox project – Dell Sweet

I do now have the tracks stripped out. Scenery – Houses – etc. All of the graphics, and three of the eight track graphics converted to PNG to preserve the transparency (The old format was TGA) I guess I did get a fourth one done. It was late and I was tired. Once I have […]

BORDERLINE from Dell Sweet on Apple eBooks

He bent and looked in passenger window. One man was toppled over into the floorboards of the car, blood pooled beneath him on the seat, and smeared across the seat back. #CrimeFiction #iTunes ADS Home: Rad Sandbox: Open FX Modeler: Imports: 3DS, DAE, DFX, STL, OBJ, X, LWO. Exports: 3DS, DXF, […]

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