Wasteland 3D Model Collection 2 for the RAD Sandbox

Models 011 through 020 from the Wasteland collection. These models are in the Direct X format an were built for use in the RAD Sandbox Game Maker software system. They include all UV work.

Wasteland 011

All graphics included. You may use these models in any project Commercial or Personal with no further cost.

Wasteland 012
Wasteland 013
Wasteland 014

These 3D Models come with all the UV work and can easily be converted for use in the Unreal, Unity or Game Maker systems as well as in the RAD Sandbox.

Wasteland 015
Wasteland 016
Wasteland 017
Wastelands 18

Wasteland 018

Wasteland 019
Wasteland 020

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RAD Sandbox

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Open FX 2019. An open modeler with a built in animation suite. A complete Model and Animation solution in one package.

OFX Purchase

You can purchase the OFX modeler bundle through PayPal and I’ll send it to you as an eMail attachment. That keeps the ball rolling here, and allows me to work on upgrades and models. #3dModels #3dGameMaker https://dellsweet.com/rad-sandbox/