Glennville books from Dell Sweet: Zero Zero

Glennville books from Dell Sweet book 9: Zero Zero

Another new Glennville book, except this was actually written 40 years ago. It is the first novel I wrote. It is the novel that inspired me to re-write it when it seemed I had lost it permanently years ago. Because of The Way Back Machine I was able to find it, download it and eventually re-publish it. After I found it a printed version I had given to my brother after a TOR submission I backed out of re-surfaced a well. To me that means it meant to be found and published.

So, this is the very first book I wrote, set in the fictional town of Glennville. I hope you enjoy it, Dell Sweet…

Zero Zero

Far below the small city of Glennville New York, Richard Pierce sat working before an elaborate computer terminal. Two more days tops, he thought, and then maybe I’ll get out of this dump. #Armaggedon #Apocalyptic #Horror