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This past week was productive, just have an office door that I can close and then be able to immerse myself in work is a really big deal. I say that and then have to get up for the cat who really does not understand the office door, or why I am suddenly inaccessible for hours at a time every day. So maybe I should say it has worked out great except for the cats attitude toward it.

Monday: Monday I organized everything writing wise. During construction I switched to a laptop, I use a 2.5 SATA for my primary drive so I can take that out of a desktop and right into a laptop. It’s formatted for WIN 7 with a Linux partition, so it only takes a few minutes. I have both so that if one drops I can reach my files with the other Operating System. Sounds complicated but if you know what I’m talking about, you know it isn’t. The nice thing is Linux Ubuntu 12 integrates smoothly and I can run the same programs in either environment either using Linux based versions such as Open Office/Libra Office Gimp for Win Gimp for Linux, or Wine to run windows programs as stand alone programs right from the Ubuntu desktop.

When I started construction I took my drive out of my desktop, turned the desktop into a file server and went with a laptop. All I did the other day was remount the drive in my new desktop and go through the files. I had done work over the last several months, including writing ES 4 on that laptop, but nothing was organized with files both on the server and the laptop drive, so, I put them all together.

I found the first six books in the America The Dead series. Those books have never been released but their content has filtered down into the OutRunners books. I also found that the second OutRunners book is done, sitting in a folder. It had no outwork finished, so I finished the artwork and that is now awaiting editing. Earth’s Survivors SE books have been sidelined for months. The problem was editing. Since they were done by different editors they do not read the same. Both have been re-edited by the same editor and those will be out soon. SE 1 and SE 2 are really only pumped up versions of the regular books. SE1 contains book one and two, character pictures, bibliography’s and more. SE2 is book three and four and the other bonus material. You can buy either cheaper than you can buy the two books separately, hence the purpose. I will decided soon what to do with the America The Dead books.

I also decided the next Settlement Earth book will be the Fold. The Fold is the main nemesis of the Nation. For most of you,since it will concentrate on building the Fold’s Community and little Zombie action, you may be unsatisfied. Some of you scream, Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! Some of you scream, Survivors Settling! But, the OutRunners books are full time Zombies and Zombies battles, so you will have your Zombies and your Settlements in both the Nation and Fold communities.

My impressions of the week. I think there will be a great deal of new work this spring. I can see another ES or Plague book, which ever way that turns out. There will be a new Settlement Earth book. The Second Dreamers Book. Billy Jingo & Hurricane in the Rebecca Monet series of Pulp books. A second stand alone OutRunners book and then both of those books offered digitally. A new SE1 and SE2 as well as digital versions of those books.

Billy Jingo will probably need an advisory warning. I have read the work as it came out. I originally wrote the seed for it, and when I wrote it it was a graphic book. We discussed that and it will remain as written, probably with an advisory which will keep kids away from the book but that’s a good idea anyway.

Okay. What else could I do but offer you a sneak peek at all that work that went into Billy Jingo this week. This work is unedited. It is also graphic, although I wont publish the really graphic stuff here. I hope you enjoy the preview, I’ll be back next week…


(Working Title) BILLY JINGO

By Wendell Sweet

* * * * *

Copyright © 2010 – 2013 by Wendell Sweet

* * * * *

PUBLISHED BY: Wendell Sweet & independantwriters

Series Writers: Wendell Sweet, Geo Dell, W. W. Watson

This excerpt is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. If you would like to share this book with another person, please point them to this blog entry. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


This is a work of fiction. Any names, characters, places or incidents depicted are products of the authors imagination. Any resemblance to actual living persons places, situations or events is purely coincidental.

This novel is Copyright © 2010 – 2013 Wendell Sweet. No part of this book may be reproduced by any means, electronic, print, scanner or any other means and, or distributed without the authors permission. All rights are retained by the Author.

Permission is granted to use short sections of text in reviews or critiques in standard or electronic print.

Cover and Interior Art Copyright 2013 Wendell Sweet

(Sanger Road) BILLY JINGO

Copyright 2013 Wendell Sweet.

Saturday night

Jimmy had parked his car two blocks away and walked. He hadn’t liked it but he’d had no choice. He had now been watching the place for an hour. Two bodyguards, girlfriend, an anorexic crack head with silicone implants, two kids from another woman, ex wife. This guy had to be the dumbest bastard he’d ever seen. Everything right there to make him talk.

He’d seen two drug pick ups so far. His own people that worked under Richard Dean. They drove straight into the garage: open the door, down with the door, back out and away with their stuff. He had moved over to the door and waited in the shrubbery. Hidden in the hedge. Another dumb move on this guys part, or his security. You never planted shrubbery that close to the house or a doorway. But either way it would work out well for him.

He didn’t wait long, the next car came, the door went up, and Jimmy rolled under as the door as it was coming down, ending up right behind the Camaro rag top that had pulled in. A long legged black girl got out of the car and started up the steps that lead into the house. Jimmy took a couple of fast strides and ended up beside her.

“Sorry, honey,” he said as he shot her in the back of the head with the silenced 9 mm. He caught her and eased her to the floor. “Better for you,” he told her. “Believe me, much better.” He took three deep breaths and tested the doorknob, unlocked. He paused, flexed his legs, then burst through the door.

Both bodyguards were standing, arms folded, chatting with Richard Dean’s teenage daughter he had spotted going into the house earlier. He shot both bodyguards before they could move, and then punched the girl hard, knocking her out. Richard dean himself came running to see what the excitement was about.

He tried to play it tough.

“Do you know who I am,” Richard dean asked?

“A fuckin’ dead guy if you don’t shut the fuck up,” Jimmy said. He put the gun barrel to his head. “pick up your daughter… Where is everyone else,” Jimmy asked? …


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