Free Kindle Book – Addiction – Non Fiction – Dell Sweet

Addiction Conversations with my fathers: Non Fiction. An honest and straight forward look at addiction, where it took the author, and how he was able to leave drugs and alcohol behind.

The mental health unit: Age thirteen, suicide attempt three. I can’t remember when it all changed between my father and me. There was a time in childhood where I was still willing to forgive the fact that his sister molested me for a very long time, he knew about it and did nothing, as a kid it’s easy to overlook those things. Those are things you think about later in life. Things that will destroy you or cause you to try to destroy people around you if you don’t get them fixed…

Free Saturday May 21st and Sunday May 22nd 2022

Why is it free? To get the book into the hands of addicts in a digital format. To get feedback and hopefully help other addicts. NOTE: This is not an easy book to read. It depicts real situations, drug use, sexual abuse and more. If that is something you personally do not want to read, please give it a pass.