Corona Virus – Not an update – It just won’t leave

Dell Sweet

Good early morning from New York. I live next to the largest winter military training base in the world, Fort Drum N.Y. I literally live less than a half mile from what used to be the main gate. I went through that gate all the time as a kid to sell newspapers to G.I.’s in the old wooden barracks that used to be there; later as an adult I drove cab, delivering thousands of soldiers back to the base in the early morning hours.

The road out front of my house is a pet killer. So much traffic uses that road that they have been repaving every few years. Cats, stray dogs, skunks, raccoons, deer, turkeys, woodchucks and all other manner of animals cross that road. I personally have lost two cats to that road. It is busy all the time; except now. That made this virus scare real to me, when the near constant explosions from war games, and the steady traffic all stopped over the last few days.

I have reasons to stay home and not chance contact with someone infected. I have a compromised immune system from an open heart surgery that went wrong. Eventually that will kill me, but even the regular old flu could do me in, so I actually never leave the house ever unless I absolutely have to: Than\t means doctor/cardiologist/ER. I have no wish to speed it up by getting sick, and it’s funny but, I have a pretty good life on-line, with my writing, computer builds, game builds. We all live the best we can.

I wrote my first book about the collapse of society in 1974. It was never published. I was unsure of my abilities, I shelved it. I then got involved in life and forgot about it.

I remembered in about 1986, dug it out, sent it to someone to edit and proof it, submitted it, was accepted tentatively (They wanted some changes, easy enough for me to do), but I got cold feet, pulled it and really pissed off that publisher.

I eventually lost that copy, or so I thought. In any case I moved on, and a few years later found myself working online. The internet was brand new. I learned HTML, JAVA, some C and began to do work building websites. In my down time4, since I was working at home, I began writing. Hoping to replace that long lost story/book about the collapse of society.

Eventually I turned that into dozens and dozens of stories about survivors left after the collapse of society, and over time I published many of those stories into novels, Earth’s Survivors / America the Dead / Zombie .

I read Stephen King’s The Stand A story about the Super Flu, released by or own government and then wiping out most of the world’s population. I also read Jean Auel’s Earth’s Children A story about the dawn of great change for ManKind, and a little girl named Ayla who became a woman in those novels and also became known worldwide.

But, those stories, although good reads, are stories, not reality. We see some governments doing a better job than others during this crisis. Our own government, with all its political infighting loves to point fingers and cast blame, but during this serious crisis they actually are working together.

Perfect? No. No one entity or person can be perfect except of course God, or whatever higher power you believe in. But they are doing well. Sincerely, I write end of the world fiction for a living, and I am telling you we’ll be fine. I think we just have to keep the alarmists at arms-length and listen with our whole head and heart. Take care of your loved ones. Don’t panic. Find things to do if you are stuck at home. Read books, watch those ten seasons of Friends you always intended to. Play cards, board games, reacquaint yourself with God, and try to be kind to others, more so that you usually would because some people will continue to be afraid: It is Human nature.

I spent my time hospitalized with COVID, the third variant. It got me good, dehydrated me, because of my health problems I became very sick, delirious even, tripped fell, and, of all things damaged my liver. In any case, I ended up having surgery, getting bombarded with antibiotics (Wide Spectrum to treat the liver damage, pneumonia and Covid and I made it out 70 pounds lighter and alive and bounced back to better than myself over a two month period. My point is I have serious health issues and I survived it, you can too. I just helped my Fiancé do garden work yesterday, in fact . Remember as SOON as you feel it get to the doctor or the ER. The faster they can start the treatments the better the chance will be that you will be okay.

If you would like to read some of my books and you can’t afford them or don’t want to spend money, drop me an eMail and I’ll send you what you want for free. Smashwords is my publisher, they distribute to Apple, Kobo, Scribd, Nook, Amazon, Walmart. etc. So if you see a book there that you want, tell me and I’ll send it in the format you tell me you need.

Meanwhile, take things slow. God Bless: Love the people who matter to you and spread some kindness around, Dell