Tau Cete e – Space settlement SciFi from Dell Sweet

“I grew up on Mars one… A child of an inmate; I had a hand out of that or… I don’t know what would have happened. I thought that was bad, but what we just went through here? Those people were crazy… still are crazy, I guess. It’s like the way Mars One was on the private side, but if you took off all the controls. No Feds, nobody to stop you at all. Makes me wonder what things are going to be like in a few years. I want Ash to have something safer. Sometimes I think Tom’s idea isn’t all that bad,” she paused and scuffed one booted foot at the ground before continuing. “I don’t know about leaving all the technology behind that seems a waste. Not all of it was bad. What do we really have left? Transports? High powered weapons? I guess it’s all still out there somewhere. But the transports; the weapons will all rust away, fall apart and then what? We’ll run out of juice someday, won’t we? And so what few generators we have that we’re using will pass away. Maybe in another twenty thousand years or so we’ll all be living in drop-buildings throwing spears at our food. I read something about that once. The world goes just so far, something happens and it falls apart. Society devolves; then the whole thing starts all over again from nothing,” she shrugged seeming uncomfortable.

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