Yesterday – Plex – New Video Card


#1: I bought a new video card. I thought, well, this will be a straight forward pop the case, yank the old one, stick in the new one, and I’ll be done. Ha… Ha Ha Ha. Nope.

Spent hours on it. Finally got it to work by downloading files from the internet instead of the DVD that came with it. El Sucko. Anyway, got that fixed and then noticed I had no sound at all. The install killed my sound. That took hours, I had to chase down the fix in a forum. But, hey, lucky me, I got it done after about 12 hours of screwing around. And, I know computers! Now I can run six monitors with these cards, 16 gig of total video memory. I could run them in SLI and power three monitors, but six is more, so why wouldn’t I do that?

The thing is that, using four monitors I can open up my modeling program (Open FX) and spread it across the 4 monitors, or my UV program (Ultimate Unwrap) will open across 4 monitors. I like that, lots of detail, and it leaves me two open monitors to throw other apps onto; for instance Photoscape, so I can update whatever UV I am working on in real time, just update it, click save, and Ultimate Unwrap immediately updates the model. Saves a lot of time.

#2: A friend stopped by to say hello. She is up from Cali. it was really nice to see her. First time I have seen her in… I better not say how many years, Ladies are somewhat vain about passed time. Went to dinner (had steaks at a truckers’ diner, no, I’m not kidding, Truckers know where the good food is) Caught up, listened to the truckers talking, signed some books for each other, left the waitress a good tip and then drove to the nearby city we both grew up in to see all the places neither of us have seen in years. Ran into my brother, who is a minister, and might have wondered why the two of us were out driving around the city; but he was too polite to ask. Had a blast and got out of my office for a while…

#3: My new 7 string Schecter finally shipped… A few days away… Can’t wait to play it. I owned several guitars including all the guitars I have built, so recently I called a few of my nephews and gave away all the guitars except two. They all went to good homes, some people who could not have afforded to buy them, and one my nephew kept because he liked. So, it was time to get a new Schecter, and it had to be a seven string.

I also checked over parts in the shop, I have several bodies, necks, parts and parts, maybe it is time to build a few more.

#4: Spent time working on this site, organizing things and making things work better, faster. I also spent a lot of time rebuilding my PLEX server and getting it set up. If you don’t know what a PLEX server is; PLEX is a Media server. It can handle all your media, movies, music, images, TV shows. It automatically adds images for the movie or shows, descriptions and organizes all of your files.

I have been playing around with it to see of I would like it and decided I do. It can also do live TV with a tuner card, it can record, DVR, etc. with the live TV. I was surprised that I had over 14k of movies and TV shows, spread out over 7 Terabytes of drive and about a terabyte of that space is open.

The thing is, once I started using PLEX I decided I had to have it, and ever since I started collecting media I had been hoping for a good way to present it to use.

That is it for me. I hope your week is good, Dell


The sun is down all the way here. I went back upstairs. Nothing on the horizon. That time of evening when the sun is down and the moon has yet to rise. Very dark. Can’t see anything in any direction. Thought they must be all sleeping in the barn, but I heard some movements out near where I… Never mind what I did there, I’ll get to that soon enough, I guess. I only heard it once, but I know damn well it’s one of them… Some of them… #Apocalyptic #Horror #Zombie