Happy Wednesday or Hump Day: Dell Sweet

Doing yard-Garden work

Happy Wednesday! I could have said Hump Day, but I didn’t., so I should get an A for effort.

Low seventies here in New York. That feels good after the rain and cold and heat and cold and, well you know. A weird start to summer. Even, so I know winter is coming, even my cat reminds me; he is shedding that thick coat but soon he’ll be growing in that thick coat. He owns me, of course, I should not have said my cat, I am his human, and he never lets me forget it. He refuses to stay inside, he has made it his goal in his nine lives to get to know every female cat in the village. I think he believes it is his duty to do it. After year three of ruling the village, I never see any other male cats in the village except my Houdini. He has had his share of battles, one ear missing and the other chewed up; even so he refuses to retire and lay on the couch.

Sometimes three or four days will go by before he shows up at 1:00 AM demanding to be fed, so I decided to work on a treat system to get him to come back a little sooner: Meat, he loves meat and he doesn’t care what kind it is as long as it didn’t come out of the cat food can. So now every time he shows up, I put down dry food and cat food, and he looks from me to the refrigerator as if to ask ‘Where is the meat?’.  Although he isn’t choosy, chicken is favorite.

Check out my America The Dead books below and enjoy this beautiful summer weather, Dell…


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