MXQ PRO Quad Core Android Smart TV Box

Hot MXQ PRO Quad Core Android 7.1 Smart TV Box 1+8GB HDMI WIFI 4K Media Streamer

Ordered this on eBay, I wasn’t expecting much at all.

It sat on my desktop for over a week because I was sure it would turn out to be like my Amazon Firestick; cranky, sucky and I couldn’t get my PLEX server to work on it. It has been like that always.

I was going to get ROKU instead, they are about 35.00 and work great with PLEX, Netflix, etc., but I saw this box and realized if it actually worked I could do a lot more so I paid my $22.00 and waited, and then I was still so convinced it wouldn’t work I let it sit on my desktop.

I would have to take my 40 inch HDTV off the wall, and it is an old one and weighs about eight thousand pounds, okay, maybe not, but it is heavy. Then I would have to plug in an Ethernet cable, and an HDMI cable and the adapter, kick it up after removing the Firestick; which at least allowed me to watch Netflix, and of course it wouldn’t work and I’d spend half the damn night lifting the TV on and off the wall (It’s held on with two drywall screws and I know the day is going to come when the tensile strength of those two screws will prove inefficient and CRASH!!! I will have to make a trip to the big city, find a crackhead and purchase a new/old HDTV on the gray market; probably get arrested and then go to prison where bad things could happen in the shower.) only to have to hook it all back up as it was, file a claim against the seller, ship the box back and wait for my money to come back… Sigh…

However, none of that happened, because I read the directions. I know, novel idea, right? And I’ll probably lose my Man Card when all my male friends find out.

So I took about three minutes to gather the box, Ethernet cable and HDMI cable: Lifted the TV from the custom drywall screw hangers, plugged everything in, turned on the TV and… ? It worked. Wow.

It actually works a hundred times better than my Firestick did, and it will run chrome, so there is my PLEX connection, and IPTV, and since it does the Chrome browser I can access about a 100 open directory movies and series I have links for.

It will work with WIFI, and I have WIFI, but I plugged in a 1 gig Ethernet connection and it flies. Hooked in Netflix and it works great and very fast.

As I said I paid $22.00, here it is ( ) That link is now gone of course, here is a recent Walmart link for the same box: MXQ PRO

Worth the money and works very well. Accepts SD cards, USB x 4. I hooked in a mini keyboard that has a laptop type finger pad and it works great. As far as Netflix goes, it is near instant, no load time, no lag, the sound is synced perfectly too, the Firestick was way off.

As always, I review what I buy or like, no one pays me to do it and my opinions are my own: I do hope they are helpful, Dell…


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