Author Joe Haldeman

Reading a trilogy by an author named Joe Haldeman: (Amazon).

There are a few trilogies in his work, the one I’m reading is the Mars Bound trilogy.

I started to read this book, and male pig that I am I rejected it as it was about a young girl who decides to accompany her parents to Mars instead of starting college on Earth; and I did not believe it would appeal to me. By that time I was more than a chapter into it and wondering what would happen to Carmen (The young woman) next.

The book was awesome. I don’t read books much because I don’t want to be influenced in what I write, but since I am taking a break from writing I thought ‘what the hell’.

I have tracked down the other two books in the series and will read them along with a few others. Glad I fought my first opinion that a story about a young girl headed for Mars would not interest me. The story and the science was good and I enjoyed it, Dell.

The Mars Bound Trilogy

Marsbound Kindle Edition (Marsbound Book 1):

Starbound Kindle Edition (Marsbound Book 2):

Earthbound Kindle Edition (Marsbound Book 3):

The trilogy:


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