Modeling and UV work

I have been working on models and graphics for games. I took Unity and Unreal for a spin and like them both, but that is without diving in and trying to learn the system. I would give the nod to Unreal at first looking, simply because a lot of what I attempted to do by intuition worked, that speaks well about the user interface: Honestly though, I have heard pro and con about both, but after a week with the two they seem pretty similar in design, function and abilities.

I tried CopperCube too, as well as GameGuru. If you want to make a FPS game, either will get you going very quickly; but spending so much time learning RAD, and all the ins and outs, I can do nearly anything I want in a few minutes.

 I switched to Ultimate Unwrap 64 bit and I love it. I also ripped a version of the Open FX modeler, just the modeler, to use as my basic modeler. It imports what I need and works great.


Enjoy the day and I hope next week is a good one for you, Dell…


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