Did a work up of a van for the wastelands. Lo poly, 2 meg…

UV on the body only…

I’ve been working on dents, making them look good. Now when I get one that I like I save it in PNG format to the ETC folder in Photoscape and then I can paste it as an addition in any UV I’m working on.

I actually made a custom Photoscape installation and filled it with clear PNG images I can paste in. Every time I make a new decal I save it there, wheels, tires, rust, glass, skid marks, you name it. It makes UV work much faster.

Adding the rest of the UV work… Again, most is Photoscape. I have the folders setup so I simply load Photoscape, go to editor, create a new image at 2048 x 2048 and then add the images I need, or create them in another instance of Photoscape, GIMP, Photoshop and then bring them in. The key is keeping the work.

On the above image you can see several additions from my folders if you know what to look for. The mud on the tires is a clear PNG positioned on top of the UV. I can then adjust the opacity, position, etc. The bullet holes towards the back are added as well the same way. The door lines and the center body line are also added, small cleared decals I add directly to the UV.

This is a different approach to the undercarriage, part decal UV, part a basic drive line I built and use on many models. Again mud on the tires, rust added here and there…

Bullet holes and rust as well as weld lines. Take a rust image, weld line, into gimp, cut it out and then save it as a PNG with the transparency and put it in one of your Photoscape folders then you have it. I have dozens of weld lines, rust, mud, dents.

I build entirely in Ultimate Unwrap now. It has a built in modeler that will do pretty much anything you need to do. The few times I need a another app I just use Open FX, but lately I have been staying right in Ultimate Unwrap because it forces me to learn more and more…

A link to Photoscape. It is freeware and safe. Enjoy the coming weekend, Dell…

Photoscape: http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/index.php

A link to Ultimate Unwrap (I use 64 bit, I have both the 32 and the 64 bit) It is not freeware, but it is inexpensive and it works. I don’t get kickbacks or anything for any of these products. I simply like them, they work, so I mention them.

Ultimate Unwrap: https://www.unwrap3d.com/u3d/index.aspx

And of course GIMP. Gimp is awesome software too. I do own photoshop as well. GIMP is also freeware…

GIMP: https://www.gimp.org/

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