Alabama Island Short Stories – Dell Sweet – Apple

Alabama Island collected short stories from Author Dell Sweet Alabama Island is a collection of 12 short stories, including the featured story, Alabama Island… I had walked by the mouth of the alley twice and both times I saw the old Ford sitting there in the deep shadows… Heard the soft murmur of its engine […]

America The Dead: Survivors Stories Four

Kohlson turned to him. “Go on in… Do CPR if you want… They don’t pay me enough to do it. I don’t know what that shit is. Look at the way the Doc suits up. Clayton Hunter will be in rigor before anyone gets in. It’s airborn, man.” #Zombies #Apocalypse Rad Sandbox: Rad Sandbox: Get […]

Wastelands 22 3D Model – Dell Sweet

Built from scraps, a Bug body on a Toyota 4X4 frame. Actually built from scale, and so 17 inches of length were chopped tp stuff it together. A Cadillac 500 CI fit between the frame rails. The body was unaltered. A tube cage stiffens the original frame and ties it all together. Run it through […]


Was he dead? Was he? But I know that he was. I suppose that wild dogs or something got him. We didn’t talk about it, but it bothered all of us. America The Dead Book Five:  Rad Sandbox: Rad Sandbox: Get it now Models1: Wastelands VW Build X 2 Models2: Wastelands Models X 3 Models3: […]

Guitar build CD60-3 – Dell Sweet – Bridge work

BRIDGE WORK: Geo Dell In this chapter I will work on the bridge area of this build. I have a bridge left over from a previous Ovation build and I want to use it on this guitar. I could have made things simpler by ordering a replacement Fender bridge to replace the cracked one that […]

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